Kyushu Hotline Final Today

Time: 15:30 (doors open at 15:00),
Sept. 30 (sunday)
Place: IMS Hall 9F (IMS building, Tenjin)
Cost: 1000yen (yes! that cheap!)
for more information visit any Shimamura store or mail Dai on dai_bach@docomo.ne.jp



waaaaaaaa HELP /助けてくれ!!

This weekend is the Kyushu band battle final and we only found out today by looking at the website that there is a song vote competition online. Please vote for us!! For those who cannot read Japanese just click on the link below, look for Nanbanjin and click on the button on the left out of the two. To register your vote look down the column and click the left of the two buttons. You can only vote once a day.


ワーーーーーー!大失敗だ!今週末は島村楽器の九州大会だけどそのコンクールのオンライン投票のことまったく知らなかった (T_T) リンクは上にあります、ぜひ助けてください x x x x x x




Nanbanjin HQ has been moved to Beppu City so we have not been able to do any work on the website for quite some time but our live schedule is very much up and running. In fact, we are turning down more then taking on at the moment. We will be scheduling gigs for Tokyo in soon which is well exciting and Korea now looks like it will be the New Year.


Upcoming Shows

9/30........IMS Hall.......Fukuoka
10/6........Tropicoco......Nakatsu City
10/13.......Osaka Goith....Osaka/Sakai




I get obsessed about stuff/people/things and myself. I hate it and love it in equal measure. Some things however go beyond that. Two in fact. My favourite two bands of all time. The first are the Longpigs and the second and more important as they are still going are Mothercoat. How many people get their own photo of a cake with their name on eaten by their favourite band (that are actually good)????? Not many of you. I am suuuuuuuuuuuper uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuber happy.

マザコ大好き!一緒にツアーやろうや!!! x x x x x x

Buy their new album too as its fandabydozy


(Above: Nanbanjin on Dive's first show)

I have diarrhoea and its the worst ever because I am in an internet cafe and the bloody 'baito' (part-time worker) is doing an annoyingly thorough job of cleaning the bogs so I can't get in there. Its a death trap as the Mr. Whippy ice cream is free. I've had four glasses now and am ready to blow.

Electric Eel Shock were brilliant when we played with them on Saturday. Fantastic guys out on the piss too. Proper rock 'n roll stars.

I get a year older tomorrow and I woke up in the middle of the night to see two inca style statues at each corner of my room which disappeared as I went to touch them. Weird. Linked? Maybe so or maybe it was just too much ice cream again.

Jack Penate is lovely




We won the Shimamura battle of the bands competition so we now we are representing Oita in the Kyushu final. It no at the Zepp anymore, its some place called IMS Hall in Tenjin Fukuoka where they put on musicals and fashion shows. Its big. It`ll be on the 30th (Sunday) starting at 1500 and we will be performing only two song Corners and Let it Go. We really need support as I think the amount of people you bring has a bearing on the result unless you are shit of course. Yeah!! Thank you Shimamura Oita



Hello!! Dai here. I took the summer off and went back to visit friends and family in Europe, caught a 5ft shark, went to Norway and ate amazing sausage, climbed in the Forest of Dean, went to my dear Lisa and Gareth's wedding, got drunk in Dinbych-y-Pysgod with my crew and had a lovely time. I even like cats now.

Nanbanjin have officially finished the professional recordings for the new release nervously titled 'Hi-Fi Ro-Fi'. We have no release date as of yet having not decided whether we are gonna release it at all (cryptic?) hmmmm.... there is a kind of method to our madness.

GIGS..... Electric Eel Shock (as seen on Jonathon Ross` BBC show) support 9/15
Osaka gigs in Vijon and some other place I forget on October 12/13
ZEPP FUKUOKA................??????????? We have been put forward by Shimamura music to compete in their battle on the mahoussive arena...oh yeah.

The band have a new HQ based in Beppu where we will write, fight and make exquisit fusion recipes all tasting of kimuchi.

We are gonna come at your hard whether it kills us or not this you so f**k you and thank you.

Dai bach