Hello!! Dai here. I took the summer off and went back to visit friends and family in Europe, caught a 5ft shark, went to Norway and ate amazing sausage, climbed in the Forest of Dean, went to my dear Lisa and Gareth's wedding, got drunk in Dinbych-y-Pysgod with my crew and had a lovely time. I even like cats now.

Nanbanjin have officially finished the professional recordings for the new release nervously titled 'Hi-Fi Ro-Fi'. We have no release date as of yet having not decided whether we are gonna release it at all (cryptic?) hmmmm.... there is a kind of method to our madness.

GIGS..... Electric Eel Shock (as seen on Jonathon Ross` BBC show) support 9/15
Osaka gigs in Vijon and some other place I forget on October 12/13
ZEPP FUKUOKA................??????????? We have been put forward by Shimamura music to compete in their battle on the mahoussive arena...oh yeah.

The band have a new HQ based in Beppu where we will write, fight and make exquisit fusion recipes all tasting of kimuchi.

We are gonna come at your hard whether it kills us or not this you so f**k you and thank you.

Dai bach