(Above: Nanbanjin on Dive's first show)

I have diarrhoea and its the worst ever because I am in an internet cafe and the bloody 'baito' (part-time worker) is doing an annoyingly thorough job of cleaning the bogs so I can't get in there. Its a death trap as the Mr. Whippy ice cream is free. I've had four glasses now and am ready to blow.

Electric Eel Shock were brilliant when we played with them on Saturday. Fantastic guys out on the piss too. Proper rock 'n roll stars.

I get a year older tomorrow and I woke up in the middle of the night to see two inca style statues at each corner of my room which disappeared as I went to touch them. Weird. Linked? Maybe so or maybe it was just too much ice cream again.

Jack Penate is lovely