Shimabara Live

After a lot of Beaujolais nouveau, Corona lager and a nasty drunken bicycle accident on Friday we bundled in the wagon on Saturday morning and headed off on our five hour journey to play in Shimabara. We stopped on the way in Fukuoka for a wee, some pop and tried the delicious 'buta-man' (pork dumplings) famous to the area (even though they are blatantly from China).
The venue was pretty well set up with a nice stage and adequate PA. Before us was the most odd mix of music and musicians. We liked the brass band. Much to our despair we had to forego a soundcheck and hit the stage cold and couldn't hear a thing. but the Nagasaki people were great and we even shifted a few CDs. Thanks Shimabara!


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This is just a weblog so go to www.nanbanjin.net for more up to date info!!

Debut album ‘On Your Way’ out this month through Afronaut Records. The official release party was on November 18th and 19th in Nakatsu's Firehouse and at Sjora in Fukuoka City. Our favourite band in the whole world Mothercoat (www.mothercoat.com) came down from Tokyo to play with us and it was an absolute stormer. You can get your hands on the record through Chameleon and Borderline records CDbaby http://cdbaby.com/cd/nanbanjin and Itunes. More retail outlets to be confirmed soon.

You can hear a few clips of the album at www.myspace.com/nanbanjin

You can request to hear us on Fukuoka’s lovefm. Anyone in Kyushu or southern Honshu can tune in. They have a copy of the album so do us a favour and request away.

We are also releasing ‘The Calling’ on an indie compilation put together by Oxford based Matchbox Records. It is an international release so it should be easy to get hold of. It will be out in the New Year.

The band is yet again going to change slightly in the coming weeks and months. Definitely for the better. We are growing in sound, instruments and members........watch this space!!

Rub rub
Dai chan

Save me
Cso Cso Kojo
Hosoki Kazuko
In Time
The Firehouse
Flawless Performance 
The Turning Wheel
Pulling Faces 
I Know Something You Don't 
In A Dream
Nanbanjin Theme Song
Clowns, Crabs And Crocodiles
This Is War
Wait And See
For The Better
She Said
Grace and Favour
The Calling
Getting Undressed
Jump in My Grave
The Prince of Denmark
In Your Arms
5/4 Instru.