DAI IS DEAD.........or he wished he was the other day. Yet again those retarded folk at Fuji Rock not only discarded with an application from Nanbanjin but also Mothercoat to play at the massive commercial fest. All is not lost however as our friends the Watanabes got into the last fifty. The Bawdies who we played with in Kobe got through.....I have nothing to say about that except.......what a load of old b******s. No alternative music please........you shit heads. We were thinking of becoming a Bangles cover band after all that so we can walk like an Egyptian/Egyptians. Did you know that Egyptians actually still exist and apparently can still walk? (See photo above) Apparently they all live in a town called Egypt. Fascinating. No wonder they walk so well, they have such big feet but only four toes.


+ Nanbanjin confuse the hell out of Kansai by being better than everyone else even though we are from b*ttf*** (Beautiful but smells like ass) Oita. We played Kobe Varit and Kyoto Muse and were very very happy to play with The Keys/CBandtheBT/The Chairs/Reco. and many other good haircuts. "I'll be back" (Manabu loves Arnie)

+ We have recorded Let It Go / Corners / In Time and Hitori and they are currently having a good ol' mixing by our favourite bully Mr. Tsuboi over at Bedroom Records. They are sounding tip top at the mo. By far better than anything we have done before. More info on the release of that project at a later date.

+ PV/BBQ and Nakedness are all on the cards for this Saturday. Our video artist Mr. Matt Saunders will be directing a PV for our summer anthem 'Let It Go' this Saturday. We don't mind letting on that the song is mainly about anger issues. Which NBJ member could that be? Answers on a posto cardo (if you want a black eye).

+ GIGS IN OSAKA AND NAGOYA 6/8 &6/9 are very much being looked forward to. Especially the ferry ride on the way up with its big baths, tattooed truck drivers with oishii shochu (japanese ricker), cup ramen and UFO catchers. I am aware that only people living here will get that....ha ha. We will be playing CLUB VIJON in Osaka and MUSIC FARM in Nagoya and no doubt it will yet again cause all sorts of horrid confusion but what can ya do Japan?

OPEN17:00 START17:30
adv.¥1500 door¥2000-(w/o1drink¥500-)
Nanbanjin(GAIKOKU)/QUAVER/eco system/
Flying platform/象牙の塔/THE ROLLERS


+ In other news..... Eoin has grown sideburns due to his rekindled love of Emmerdale Farm.
Manabu has fallen foul (as did Dai) to Prison Break, The 4400 and all those other really interesting, well written american TV shows. Not seen him for days. Dai is still angry but enjoying all the movies of snakes eating people, crocodiles and bunnies and clips of tornadoes ravaging grass patches in the USofA on youtube. What? Its better than porn..right?

Peace out....xxx haha


TOPS 5/26

Come come come to the big show on Saturday. Its gonna be a goody
土曜日のライブに来てよ!チケットいる人連絡くださいね 最高なライブ見せるから

5/26 SAT


■open18:30 start19:00


■Pコード900-107 /Lコード84653


Kobe & Kyoto Gig Report

Last weekend (12-14th) we packed our sacks and made our way up to Kansai on the overnight bus to do our 'thang' in Kobe and Kyoto. The bus was pretty good as well as cheap although you do get in rather early but it gave us a good excuse to have a huge buffet breakfast or 'viking' as it is known in Japanamese.

Our first gig was in Kobe at a livehouse called Varit. We were rather surprised to find out that we were to be the first band on of the night. Something that we thought was rather unfair as we had traveled so far and definitely not the norm for a touring band. Still.... it came to stage time and surprise surprise, nobody there. We figured the owner must have been feeling pretty bad at this point as the start time was postponed. Miraculously, in those extra fifteen minutes a decent crowd had filled in and we were ready to go. We played well, the sound was good and although I (Dai) made a few mistakes it went very well. We were followed by The Keys who were kind of like the Bluetones, then the Bawdies which are some kind of Fifties rock n' roll' copy band (very amusing) and then Charlie Brown and the Baseball team from Tokyo who are a great party band. We shifted quite a few CDs and downed more than our fair share of beers and it was a good night all in all. We kipped at Kobe Sauna which we recommend to anyone... brilliant capsule hotel.

Next day we made our way over to Kyoto to play at Kyoto Muse. I really enjoyed the trip over. It was a sunny day and we were sitting right up at the front of this beautiful old train with a view right up the tracks when our driver smashed straight into a swarming hive of bees. Soooooo coooooool. The window was smattered with twitching bee juice. (I killed a whole bee hive with my cousin Matt once)
Anyway, Kyoto Muse. What a great venue. Fantastic. Huge and cool. I couldn't get the amp right that day but again I think it went well and we played with bands that were more 'our style' which was refreshing. We played with Nanbanjin to Russia (coincidence eh!?), 5 count explosion, Reco. who we thought we were great, kind of slowcore edgy.....and the Chairs who we liked too, like a young Quluri. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the last band 'Chromatic Tails (good name) as we had to catch the dreaded night bus back to Nakatsu to get to work on time but thoroughly nice guys.

Thank you Kobe and Kyoto. See you again soon xxxx



YO YO. This month at Oita TOPS is our long awaited headline show

5/26 SAT
■NANBANJIN presents!!
with special guest KIRIWAI and AYAKO
■open18:30 start19:00
■Pコード900-107 /Lコード84653