Hello all!! Thanks for your help with the last competition, it really helped. Could you give us a hand again? We entered another competition and we need your vote. It could be a good opportunity for us. At the moment we are last our of 6th with 2% percent of the vote so please help. You can do it once a day.
This is the link http://www.oitapage.com/gakusai-main/
Just scroll down the page and in a box will be all six bands names. Just tick the box next to nanbanjin and then the long button underneath.
Thank you ever so much x x

ハロー!!この間の投票ありがとうございます。あたらしいコンクールに入ってるんでまたお願いしていいかな。。。。6組でnanbanjinは今最下位にある。。やだな。今回の投票は簡単ですhttp://www.oitapage.com/gakusai-main/ 投票ボックスは下の方にある。