NEWS (Korea and recording)

Harrow again! We are bored stiff so we've decided to record some songs so that we can finally put them to bed and get on with making some new stuff/doing something else. We'll be going into TOPS to begin recording on Monday night. I am personally on the brink of leaving Japan being completely fed up with my job and life in general here but Eoin and I are cycling to North Korea next week so that may pump a bit of life back into the old boy. We are gonna try and see if we can throw our album over the border into the North without getting shot at. After that we are doing a mini tour of the Kansai region with dates in Kobe/Kyoto/Osaka and also up to Nagoya and hopefully (fingers double crossed) a set on the Rookie a go-go stage at Fuji Rock www.fujirock.com

Dai x