Some Cool New Music

Ah! the joy of finding new and interesting music that I like!  I thought that I'd share with you 3 bands making interesting music that have come to my attention recently:
Fukuoka based Haafu band (ie. part foreigner, part japanese) whose album I bought on a recommendation from a friend.  I had seen them live before at Concert on theRock 2006 and despite some interesting twists and turns in their songs had not been overly impressed.  To be fair to the band vocalist/guitarist Matty had not been in the best of health, and their Sunday afternoon time-slot was hardly the climax of the festival.
With this as background I had a listen to the album...needless to say, expectations were exceeded and months later their CD still enjoys a regular rotation on my car stereo.  DJ For Hire have managed to successfully combine some very creative songwriting and interesting guitar parts with a great sense of humour (one of the songs is a passionate ode to the joys of eating a banana!).  There is definitely more than a smattering of Pavement/Silver Jews influence here, but the 'Hires have added their own unique twist to the whole 'slacker rock' sound and created an album that I would best describe as either gloriously shambolic or shambolically glorious.  Have a listen and decide for yourself!
2. 58ft-lbs
These guys were the last band on at a gig we played in Fukuoka recently.  Really driving alternative rock with cool basslines, interesting rhythms, menacing vocals and an overall danceable feel - certainly one of the most interesting bands that we have played with recently.  I recommend seeing them if you get the chance.
3. Deerhoof
I chanced upon this band on the internet and was blown away by their energy, creativity and insane drumming on a tiny pink drum kit!  As a good intro to what they are all about I recommend checking out the following video on youtube:
And thats about all from me for the moment.  If anyone out there has any other suggestions for cool new bands that I should check out then let me know.