Out With The New 親不知 (日本でとってよかった)

Today I had my upper right wisdoom tooth removed. I have an absolute dread of going to the dentist. Not because of pain, or drilling or anything like that but of having things put in my mouth. I instantly gag and have thrown up on a few hygenists and denists over the years. If I had to choose one to puke on, it would be the dentist I think.
However, today's experience was like going to have your hair cut with just a dash of blood. Good job Japan. They made a mockery of the medieval dental work I had received on Britain's wonderful NHS (in a very tactful way of course). "Dis belly bad, Japan velly goot". They were right too. Looks like I might be going in a few more times yet though (T_T) Right, I'm off to scoff my face before the feeling comes back and I have to eat soup.