Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who came to the gig at TOPS on the weekend. All the bands were excellent. I especially liked ONE BUCK TUNER. Hope you had a good time, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If anybody would like to come on our jaunt with us down to Nagasaki or Kumamoto just let us know eh.

TOPSに来てくれた人ありがとうございました 楽しかった!!皆うまかった。僕は One Buck Tunerのファンになった、カッコイイな!

Hitori (一人) [new], Turning Wheel, In Your Arms, Let It Go [new], Corners [new], Hosoki Kazuko (細木和子), The Calling, In Time.

Sorry we didn't do the encore, we were already 10 minutes over our alloted time due to our long and boring MCing.
Any feedback on our performance would be greatly appreciated x