Do you ever worry about the health or your future?

I never did until recently. I really don't think we are supposed to eat red meat or chicken. I think hair, fur and feathers were put there for a reason. To make you gag. Unfortunately, I am addicted to animals with such coats. I'm going to eat more fish from today. Are scales bad for you?

As the New Year approaches some of you may also feel the urge to be drawn in to a fitness regime. DON'T!! Jogging is terrible for your kness and fashion sense and gymnasiums are overly air-conditioned and way too bright causing irreparable damage to your eyes. Go swimming and wear sunglass goggles stay away from coffee and the elderly (they fall over).

Our album is now available at www.afronautrecords.com as well as CDbaby and other record shops which for the life of me I can't remember their names. Excellent shops though.

We have decided to do something extremely odd to our live show. The transformation will take exactly 40 days and 40 nights give or take a week or two. We will be unleashing the beast on January 27th at the big bad bosses den (TOPS) in city of Oita.

If you were worried about my first question. You should buy our album. All the answers lie within it.

Don't relax too much eh